La Résidence Internationale d’étudiants Jean-Paul II
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John Paul II International Student Residence offers:

La Résidence Internationale d’étudiants Jean-Paul II

• 202 studios; sizes from 14.8 m sq. to 33 m sq. located in three    buildings.
   Two were built in 2000 and one recently completed in 2015.
   All building are guarded and well maintained.
• Several studios can accommodate guests with disabilities.
• All buildings have elevators.
• Entire complex is surrounded by decorative gardens.

Studios Include:

La Résidence Internationale d’étudiants Jean-Paul II

• Living area with a desk, shelves, table, chair and a bed. Sheets    are provided and their washing service is included.
• Kitchenette contains two hot plates and a fridge.
• Bathroom with a shower.
• Wi-Fi/fiber optic, TV and phone plugs.

Laundry is available to the residents for a small fee.
Residents are protected by a security camera system and a constant presence of residence owner on the representative on premises.
Garage and bike storage are available for a small fee.

Monthly rent starts at 534 Euro based on the size of the studio

Typically the demand for these apartments is higher than the number of available spots. It is recommended to apply several months ahead of time. The application (pre-inscription) can be found on our website.  The rent duration is an academic year. There is some room for negotiation if extended rent is required. Rent can be cancelled by either party with one month advanced notice.
Security deposit is 600 Euro, administrative costs 50 Euro and liability insurance is 25 Euro per year.
Grants (ALS) are available through Family Fund Allocation (Caisse d’Allocation Familiales) depending on financial situation.
The tax office can impose council tax depending capita income.
Most studios are single occupancy. Some can be allocated to married couples.
Student Residence can also accommodate short-term guests who are visiting Paris for research purposes as well as tourists. In these cases guests can use the kitchen. The price is based on number of nights. Inquire by sending an email to  or by calling tel: 00 33 1 49 12 15 30.

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